1.What are the key ingredients in your products?
-As we are committed to develop natural skincare products, our key ingredients are natural and carefully picked to give nourishing benefits to the skin. All our products are free from paraben, fragrance/essential Oil, phthalates, sulfates, TEA/DEA/MEA, hydroquinone, alcohol, mineral oil.

2.Are I Trust Nature Products suitable for sensitive skin?
-Our products are created from soft and gentle formulation, hence it can be used for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

3.Do your R&D processes involve animal testing?
-No, we are strictly against animal testing in any sort or form.

4.Do you use colouring in your products?
-We do not use any colouring in our products. The colour of our products comes from the natural colour of the ingredients that we use.

5.Do your products use mineral oil?
-Our products are FREE of mineral oil, as we believe petroleum based ingredients may cause damage to our skin

6.Are your products safe for teenagers' use?
-Yes, our products are safe for children use.

7.Why are the shelf lives of your products shorter as compared to other products?
-As our products are focused on using natural ingredients, its shelf life is shorter as compared to skincare products with preservatives.

8.How will I know if my order has been successfully placed?
-You will receive an email confirmation from us, and you may also check the order status at your account page